Wedding gift guide - bridal party ideas

I remember when I got married, I found it so hard choosing gifts for my bridal party. I wanted to express how much they meant to me, how grateful I was for all their help, and wanted to gift something that they could keep as a special memory. In this blog I will run you through our gift guide, covering your whole bridal party - from Groom to Father of the Bride.

The lovely thing about our jewellery range is that it is adaptable. You can add a memory capsule, add further charms, such as having a bee and dove on a necklace or keyring or buy matching sets. No combination is any trouble. This means if you have freedom and options to make the gifts as personalised as you like.

Here’s our wedding gift guide:#

1. The Bride – Large 18ct gold vermeil and sterling silver bee necklace with memory capsule. This is the perfect ‘something new’, and somewhere to keep a special note from your husband or mother on your special day. £150.



2. Mother of the Bride – A sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil bee keepsake box. My mum had brought special jewellery for my big day, and we had a family brooch as my something old. It would have been a lovely idea for her to have somewhere special to keep little mementos. This beautiful box is perfect. Starting from £125.


3. Father of the Bride – As a his and hers gift set, this sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil bee keyring matches the mother of the bride gift. Its capsule can hold a special memory, like a note from daughter to father. £150.



4. Groom – A sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil dove keyring. The dove symbolises peace and love. A perfect gift pre-wedding. You can even add a special note. £150.


5. Father of the Groom – Keeping within the dove family and matching both the groom and mother of the groom gifts, this sterling silver dove keyring is the perfect keepsake. £125.


6. Mother of the Groom – Another stunning keepsake for all those precious wedding memories. Matching the father of the groom gift, this small sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil dove box is perfect for welcoming a new mother-in-law to the family.


7. Bridesmaids and Maid of Honour – What about a bee or dove necklace in sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil with no capsule. Starting from £80.


Feel free to get in contact to discuss bespoke orders via sales@memories.london




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